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2023: A Year in Review

As we embark on 2024 with new projects on the way, let’s take a moment to reflect on the professionally remarkable year that was 2023 for Arbitration Court of Arbitration LLC.

1.Youth awareness of their rights is a cornerstone of education, to which our team is always delighted to contribute. In spring, we partnered with Ejmiatsin Youth House to conduct workshops on human rights, children’s rights and social-cultural rights.

2. “On May 26th, in cooperation with ICC Armenia, the Court of Arbitration attached to Arbitration LLC organized a discussion on “Resolution of IP disputes through ADR.” We had the pleasure of engaging legal and IT experts, as well as authors, in the discussion.”

3. Arbitration Day, held on 3 June in Armenia, was a momentous gathering of legal minds, arbitrators, academics, and professionals from around the world. This event provided a unique opportunity to discuss, learn, and engage in thought-provoking conversations about the intricacies and advancements in arbitration. The event also provided a platform for networking, where attendees had the opportunity to forge connections with professionals from different jurisdictions. Informal conversations and networking sessions proved invaluable in building lasting relationships and expanding professional horizons. Arbitration Court of Arbitration LLC is thrilled to have sponsored this event.

4. Wrapping up the year, we reserved a spot for Dubai Arbitration Week 2023. From November 14-17, we proudly sponsored this event in Dubai, actively participating in a wide array of discussions. These covered topics spanning from “Technology and Arbitration” to “International Investment Treaties” and “Impact of Sanctions on the Conduct of Arbitration: Practical Issues,” among others. Our engagement allowed us to forge valuable connections and gain insightful impressions, which we are eager to integrate into our practice moving forward.”

Another year of making strides. Stay tuned for what’s to come!