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About Arbitration Court

Arbitration Court of Arbitration LLC was established in 2020. The aim of the Arbitration court is to promote arbitration as a way of selecting disputes arising from legal and especially commercial relationships․ To accomplish his goal, the arbitration court has brought together experts with experience in domestic and international institutions.
Dispute settlement is carried out by arbitrators included in the list approved by the Arbitration court, based on their knowledge, specialization, and experience gained in the field of law.
Arbitration is one of the alternative ways to resolve disputes that allow the parties of the dispute to decide how and by whom to resolve the dispute between them instead of leaving it in the eyes of an internal court.
In 1997 the Republic of Armenia acceded to the Convention on “the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards”. By virtue of the Convention, the arbitral awards of the Arbitration Institution shall be subject to recognition and enforcement in all New York Convention Member States. This is another favorable condition for the parties to choose arbitration as a way to resolve disputes.

2022 May till now-member of ICC Armenia
2022 September till now -non-commercial cooperation with Jus Mundi

Garik Mirzoyan- Director of Arbitration LLC
Artur Ohanyan- chairman of the “Arbitration Court”
Meline Nurijanyan-Secretary General of Arbitration Court/Deputy Chairman of Arbitration Court
Edita Nersisyan- Assistant of Chairman of Arbitration court

OUR purpose is to resolve disputes arising out of or in connection with transactions between individuals, banks or other financial institutions and their clients without undue delay by an independent, impartial arbitral tribunal.
Principles of Arbitration Court

You can trust our experienced arbitrators with deep professional knowledge and experience to resolve your commercial disputes quickly, efficiently and impartially.

Disputes of the Arbitration Court are settled on the basis of the current legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
The arbitral tribunal shall not have the right to disclose any information about the proceedings to third parties.
Independence Of Arbitrators
Arbitrators are obliged to maintain an independent and impartial position towards all participants in the trial.
Competitive Character
Each party must substantiate its claims or objections with evidence.
The case must be heard in an arbitral tribunal within 30 days.
Equality Of The Parties
The parties have equal rights in resolving disputes arising between them.

Delivery of goods and exchange and services to a commercial representation or agency.

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Real Estate

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