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Dubai Arbitration Week

From November 13 to 15, the director of the Arbitration LLC, Garik Mirzoyan, Secretary General of the Arbitration Court of Arbitration LLC Meline Nurijanyan, and independent arbitrator Tatevik Karapetyan participated in the Dubai Arbitration Week.
Dubai International Arbitration Center brought together professionals from across the globe for Dubai Arbitration Week, marking its second consecutive year. DAW serves as a hub for arbitration practitioners to discuss trends, challenges, and the future of arbitration.

Arbitration Court of Arbitration LLC was honored to participate in this event as a Silver Sponsor.

  • From the very first day of the week, we were drawn in by panel discussions such as “Technology and Arbitration: Exploring the Role of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Online Platforms, and Other Tools in Resolving Disputes.” Just like any other field, arbitration is experiencing the impact of the latest digital advancements, and remaining current on these developments is crucial for providing cutting-edge services.

Building upon this momentum, at Arbitration Court of Arbitration LLC, we are already leveraging our online arbitration system, enhancing efficiency and timeliness in arbitration processes!

  • Throughout the week, insights were exchanged on evidence in arbitration, effective case management in international arbitration. The panel of “The Psychology of International Arbitration” touched up on the psychological influences on witness testimony, the psychology of dealing with your opposing counsel/party, and insights into tribunal decision making.

Our team has returned from the conference with invaluable connections and a wealth of positive impressions, ready to integrate them into our practice.