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About Arbitration Court

  • To resolve your commercial disputes quickly, efficiently and impartially, you can trust our arbitrators with in-depth professional knowledge and experience.
  • The institution was established on 09.03.2020 in accordance with the decision No. 2020-1 of "ARBITRATION" Limited Liability Company. Arthur R. Ohanyan is the chairman of the court.
  • The Arbitration Court shall function under the basis of the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On Commercial Arbitration", the international treaties of the Republic of Armenia, the charter of the Company and the regulations approved by the participant.
  • We are still confident that our professional arbitral tribunals will be able to resolve your disputes as soon as possible, without any artificial delays or bureaucratic hassles, unconditionally respecting the provisions of the RA legislation, as well as the general principles of justice (ex aequo et bono).

Dear Friend,

I am glad to welcome you on the official website of the Arbitration Court. The mission of our activity is to promote the establishment and development of the institution of alternative resolution of economic disputes in the Republic of Armenia, thus easing the burden of the judicial system of the Republic of Armenia. Relying on the RA legislation and international arbitration documents regulating the field we have rightly succeeded in creating an independent, impartial, objective arbitral tribunal composed of arbitrators armed with competitive knowledge.

I invite you to actively cooperate with the court, both as a partner organization and as a party to the dispute under consideration in court. We are sure that by visiting our website you will get comprehensive information about the questions you are interested in. We are ready to respond to all problems that concern you.

Garik Mirzoyan
Director of the Permanent Arbitration Court
attached to “Arbitrage” LLC

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